Top 5 Features To Check Before Buying A Basement Dehumidifier

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May 27, 2017
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Top 5 Features To Check Before Buying A Basement Dehumidifier



Does your basement have a damp, musty smell?  That smell is due to moisture passing into the basement through the concrete walls from the ground outside the house.  The excess moisture raises the humidity in the basement allowing mildew to grow and results in a musty odour.  A good way to combat mildew growth is by lowering the humidity by using a dehumidifier.  Here are 5 features you should check for before buying a basement dehumidifier.

Is It The Right Size For The Job?

Dehumidifiers are rated by the square footage they cover.  Make sure you get a dehumidifier that corresponds to the size of your basement.

What Is The Reservoir Tank’s Capacity?

Although it depends on the humidity and size of your basement, it’s possible for a dehumidifier to extract up to 15 litres of water a day.  Unless you want to be emptying the dehumidifier reservoir tank multiple times every day, make sure you get one that’s appropriate for the job.

Does It Have A Drain Hose Outlet?

If your basement has a floor drain, you can avoid the need to empty the reservoir tank by hand.  Simply attach a hose to the outlet and have the water empty directly into your floor drain.

Does It Have An Automatic Start And Stop?

Typically dehumidifiers will automatically stop once the water reservoir becomes full.  That said, it’s important to check for this feature as the last thing you need is to be pouring water right back onto your basement floor.  Likewise, in the case of an unnoticed power failure, you want the dehumidifier to start back up on its own.

How Loud Is It?

basement DehumidifierSome dehumidifiers can be annoyingly loud.  If noise travels well in your house or you frequently use your basement, this could be a major consideration. The constant hum can get in the way of regular activities such as sleep or watching television.

Basement mildew caused by humidity doesn’t only create an unpleasant odour, but can also affect your health by causing respiratory problems and allergies.  A basement dehumidifier might be the solution to your problems.  Make sure the dehumidifier you buy has the features that will meet your needs.