5 Things to Know About Finishing Your Basement

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August 17, 2017
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5 Things to Know About Finishing Your Basement

finishing a basement

If you’ve been considering finishing your basement but not sure if it’s worth the time and money, know that it’s worth the investment.

When you finish your basement, you create a new space with new functionality for you and your family to enjoy. That enjoyed space eventually becomes a new family’s enjoyed space when you sell your home. Surveys have shown that finishing a basement repays a high return on investment for every dollar spent on the project. Not too bad when you get a new space to play around in.

Here are some ways you can maximize the ROI on your investment.

Add More Light

Adding exterior windows and doors to your basement helps bring more light into an otherwise dark space. Adding more light not only makes the space more enjoyable for your family, but also can increase the resale value on your home when the time comes.

Make It Accessible

What we mean is make it safe to get up and down the stairs. Install sturdy handrails which you feel comfortable grabbing onto if you feel you’re about to fall. You need handrails for your home inspection anyway, so invest in strong ones.

Properly Ventilate It

Moisture is your basements number one enemy. Humidifiers can actually draw moisture through the foundation walls, bringing more moisture into your basement. You’ll want to ensure your roof drains far away from your basement, there’s adequate ventilation of bathrooms to the outdoors, and don’t open windows during the humid months. All these moisture factors, even if they’re not part of your basement, can lead to moisture collection downstairs.

Finish the Ceiling

Finishing your basement’s ceiling add an overall home feel to your newly finished basement and makes the basement feel like another functional room in your house. Finishing your ceiling also allows you to seamlessly add in recess lighting or other pendant light fixtures.

Ensure There’s an Escape Route

If you use your basement regularly, you need to ensure there’s an egress window or door in your basement. The opening should be large enough for a fully-equipped fire fighter to enter the home and for the home’s occupants to escape.